Childress Investment Management (CIM) reviews accounts daily in regards to the  performance of client investments. Accounts are reviewed weekly in regards to asset allocation and performance of investments to their benchmarks and sector groups. Frank Childress, President and Chief Investment Officer, is the sole reviewer of client accounts.


Major financial news or large movements in the financial markets will trigger reviews on an other than periodic basis. During the banking crisis of 2008, accounts were reviewed in detail on a daily basis due to the severity of the financial crisis and the ensuing large movements in the financial markets.


Clients receive a detailed quarterly report form Childress Investment Management. The quarterly report includes all client positions, listed on a spreadsheet with details such as: name and type of investment, shares held, current yield and total portfolio balance. All withdrawals, deposits and fees are listed in the quarterly report and performance for the quarter and year to date performance. A four page Economic Review is written each quarter by Frank Childress and included in their quarterly client report. All of the above information is provided in a written format to the client.

We identify the specific investments that align with and support your strategy

Together, we define your needs, goals, and risk profile

Investors must have a plan to reach their financial goals – it’s not just going to happen. To that end, we follow a disciplined investment management process that provides a structured approach, while allowing for customization as your situation demands. Our process is consultative in nature and will begin with establishing your financial goals and objectives.

We feel that clients want to work with a competent, ethical, and caring advisor, and we intend to provide that experience. We’re passionate about developing meaningful relationships with our clients, having a positive impact on their lives and helping them achieve their financial goals.

We assess performance on a regular basis, making changes and refinements to your portfolio

and strategy, as needed


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We determine the appropriate allocation of assets to realize your particular objective