Childress Investment Management

Advisory Business

Childress Investment Management (CIM) manages money for individuals, small businesses and trusts. CIM was approved for registration on October 21, 1993.  Frank A. Childress is the sole owner of CIM and makes all investment decisions for clients of CIM .


Childress Investment Management is registered with the State of Washington and the State of California and has no intermediate subsidiaries. 

  • Investing and Managing of Mutual Funds

  • ETF's

  • Stocks and Bonds

  • Analysis of Economic Data

  • Fundamental Research of ETF’s, Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds 

  • Quarterly Reports


Compensation for Advisory Services

Investment management fees are calculated based upon the account values at each quarter’s end. Fees are collected quarterly in arrears, on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. Fees are either deducted from client accounts or billed separately. Client is given payment option of quarterly fee deduction or being billed for the quarterly fee. There are no up-front fees.  Management fees range from 1.45%  annually to 0.60%  annually, depending on the size and the objectives of the account.

An investment management contract between the client and CIM is required for all managed accounts. Termination of the advisory relationship by the client or adviser must be done by a written and signed request from either party. CIM reserves the right to terminate the advisory contract at any time provided 30 day written notice is given to the client. The client has the right to terminate the advisory contract without penalty within five business days after entering into the advisory contract. 


Fees paid in advance

Childress Investment Management (CIM) charges no fees in advance for any type of client accounts.


Compensation for sale of securities or other investment products

Childress Investment Management (CIM) does not receive compensation for the sale of securities or other investment products.

Ownership of Client Funds

Childress Investment Management does not take ownership of client's funds.  Client funds are held in the client's name by brokerage houses or mutual fund companies.  CIM makes no fees or profits from sales commissions for client accounts. 


Frank A. Childress


Childress Investment Management

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Our industry experience helps clients avoid the mistakes that average investors make: paying too much in fees, having a portfolio risk profile that’s inconsistent with their goals, excessive trading, chasing performance and not understanding the investment products that they own. By avoiding these mistakes, we increase the likelihood of clients meeting their goals.

Every client’s account is tailored to their specific needs. For example: age, income, net worth, financial objectives and risk tolerance are all considered when creating an investment portfolio for each client.  Adjusting the allocation of stocks, bonds and money market funds creates a portfolio that is tailored to each client’s financial needs. Clients are allowed to impose restrictions on certain types of investments if they deem to do so.

Fees and Ownership of Funds