Frank A. Childress, D.B.A as Childresss Investment Management is an independent registered investment advisor  firm that provides investment guidance and solutions based on a thorough understanding of each client’s situation and goals. We take an objective and proactive approach, bringing over twenty years of investment industry expertise to bear on every aspect of a client’s financial situation.


Over twenty years of investment experience gives us a unique view of the investment management industry. This experience continues to inform our prudent approach and long-term perspective.

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Investors are tired of being sold investment products. We pride ourselves on providing an objective point of view, without the distraction of conflicts of interest. Since we are independent, we are able to evaluate financial offerings strictly on their merits and to make investment decisions based solely on what is best for you. Our goals and those of our clients are one and the same.

Our approach is highly customized, and we strive to provide an unprecedented level of personalized service. It is a privilege to serve our clients, and we will work very hard to make your experience with our firm exceptional.

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